The Whacker Verve 28" Mini LED Light Bar Custom Color provides 360 degrees of emergency warning with an easy plug-n-play setup.

With a newly designed body style, the upgraded Verve includes 72 1-watt generation III LEDs with newly designed modules The inboard modules contain 6 LEDs while the outboard modules and alley lights contain 4 LEDs. The light bar also features an integrated arrow stick with options for left, right and center out, 12 self-contained warning flash patterns including steady on.
The light bar features 4 warning modules along the front of the bar and 4 modules along the rear of the bar. Each end cap on the new Verve contains 3 warning modules covering 45 and 90 degree intersection warning. The Verve 28" LED Light Bar comes with a 2 switch cigarette plug for power and pattern functionality.

*This light bar when magnetically mounted is not meant for use on a moving vehicle.
This light bar is backed by a 5 year limited warranty!