The Whacker Challenger 60" LED Full Size Light Bar is a full featured, 360 degree emergency warning system light bar.

With an aluminum designed body style and polycarbonate lenses, the Challenger 60" features include 174 1-watt Generation III LEDs with Whacker designed linear optics, integrated arrow stick, 33 self-contained warning flash patterns and LED take down and alley lights with Steadyburn Technology.
The light bar features 8 linear warning modules along the front of the bar and 10 linear warning/directions modules in the rear. In addition the front features 2 take down modules and the sides each contain an alley light. All take downs and alley lights now use LED technology instead of 15 watt halogen bulbs. The light bar also comes with a fully functioning 9 switch control box at no additional cost.
This light bar is backed by a 5 year limited warranty!