The Police Lightz Linear Slim-Pro Mini LED Light Bar Custom Color features a sleek, slim design with 360 degree warning coverage with a focus on front and rear warning.
Packed with 54 generation III 1-watt LEDs and 32 self-contained flash patterns (including steady-on), the design provides a noticeable stealth look with the brightness needed in a wide variety of conditions. The Slim Pro features OX modules, each with 6 LEDs.
Fully encapsulated and fully waterproof, all LED modules and flasher boards are epoxy coated, keeping it safe from all weather conditions. The bar comes equipped with 4 heavy duty magnets allowing for easy installation from your vehicle. The light bar comes with a 12 volt DC cigarette plug that has an on/off switch and pattern changing switch for a quick setup!
This light bar is backed by a 2 year limited warranty!