Type: Siren
Vendor: Carson


The Carson SC-411RD-10 14 Elite Force dual tone siren is one in a series of sirens developed for smaller spaces with the same options as a full console unit. This new remote siren introduces the new QuickClone™ duplication technology making it easy to transfer option settings from one unit to another without the need for an external computer, ideal for fleet installations. The splash resistant rubberized control head face offers programmable siren tones, light and arrow stick controls and our patented video trigger capability.

The SC-411 Elite Force Siren Series introduces two new models: remote Dual Tone (SC-411-RD-10 14) and remote Single Tone (SC-411RS-10 14).

  • Dual Tone: Just like having two sirens going at the same time. And with two distinct tones being produced at the same time, it really captures your attention. The siren may produce Dual Wail, Dual Yelp, Dual Phaser, Dual Air Horn and combine Wail and Yelp at the same time. These tone pairs are programmable for each siren switch position.
  • Patented Video Trigger Output: A dedicated line to a video system that signals it to record when the lever switch or selected auxiliary switches are activated. This provides complete control to insure that the video system is prompted to record with activating a combination of any specified light output as well as any switch programmed as a gunlock timer.
  • Face Programmability: All options are programmed using the lever switch and buttons on the control head in a special programming mode, including:
  • QuickCloneTM setting duplication technology – Options are automatically synchronized between the control head and amplifier, allowing easy copy from vehicle to vehicle without the use of an external computer for simplified fleet installations Lever switch operation – progressive, non-progressive and semi-progressive with or without automatic siren activation
  • Auxiliary switch operation – On/Off, momentary or momentary with 10 or 20 second delay for gun lock timer Auxiliary switch association – linked activation by specific lever switch positions Control inputs – enable/disable and polarity Siren options – various operations and tone selections
  • 2nd tone selection – changes 2nd time with various switch positions
  • Face Diagnostic Indicators: Each light and siren output is individually protected with externally exposed fuses and have independent diagnostic sensors at the connectors that display the status of each output on the face of the unit. Audible and visual alerts are transmitted when the sensor detects an output that is not functioning properly.
  • Adjustable Backlighting– with the press of a button the user can tailor the brightness to their personal preference.
  • Splash Resistant Rubberized Face: The unit incorporates built in auxiliary and siren switches with backlighting and flanges to seal around the lever switch actuators and volume control knob for improved protection for the internal circuitry from common accidental spills.

SC-411RD-10 Elite Force Siren Sounds

SC-411RD-10 Elite Force Siren Manual