Type: Siren
Vendor: Carson


With over thirty years experience in manufacturing this "industry workhorse", the SA-400 Classic Siren is better than ever. It is one tough siren with a reputation of providing years of reliable service. In fact, several thousands of them are still running the streets to this day alerting motorists of an approaching police officer, ambulance or other emergency rescue vehicles.

The SA-400 Classic Siren 100/200-watt siren features a rotary switch for selecting siren tones and radio, a momentary push button for tone override, a master on/off switch, a noise-canceling PA microphone and a large PA volume control knob. The siren also features LED backlighting and the Horn Ring Cycler (HRC) function that enables the driver hands-free control of the siren by cycling through the tones with the vehicles horn.

The features of the siren are easily selected at installation using an internal DIP switch. The SA-400 Classic Siren is designed to power one or two 100 watt siren speakers and includes external fusing, short circuit, high voltage and reverse polarity protection systems and splash-resistant features to protect the circuitry from liquids. A wiring connector and optional mounting brackets for the siren and PA microphone are included.

This product is backed by a Carson 5 Year Limited Warranty.

    SA-400 Classic Siren Sounds

    • Siren Wail
    • Siren Yelp
    • Siren Phaser
    • Manual Siren
    • Horn
    • HiLo/Two-Tone

    SA-400 Classic Siren Manual